For Buyers

Finding a solid business to acquire takes a tremendous amount of knowledge, time and effort. Mertz Taggart can assist buyers in identifying businesses in the healthcare field that match specific investment criteria, vetting the assets and negotiating the purchase terms. Mertz Taggart can pre-screen prospective acquisitions based on your specifications, effectively limiting the search phase of a business purchase.

Determine the Buyers Objectives

Before initiating a search for purchase candidates, we must first understand your goals. Do you seek an established company with traction in the market to operate on a turnkey basis, or are you looking for a company that is “on the ropes” and needs investment of time, money and expertise before it is profitable? The more we know about you, your financial goals and your background, the better foundation we have to locate the ideal healthcare business for you to purchase.

Create a Marketing Plan

After establishing your objectives, we can create marketing materials to introduce you to potential sellers, highlighting the unique benefits that you’ll bring as a buyer. Promoting your integrity and your ability to close a purchase are essential to moving a transaction forward, and to opening the door to submitting an LOI to the right seller.

Identify Potential Candidates

This research stage draws from our knowledge of your goals and the healthcare business market, and culls the most appropriate candidates from all businesses for sale that meet your criteria. During this phase we will prioritize attributes such as size, industry, location and growth potential, and from there we will seek out the best matches for further follow up.

Candidate Review

As the initial research phase concludes, we will present the front-running candidates to you for review and feedback. All businesses targeted for potential purchase will meet or exceed established criteria. From this group of businesses, we will move forward to making personal contact with the top contenders.

Negotiate and Close the Transaction

As we further vet the business targeted for purchase, it may become appropriate to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the owners in preparation for due diligence and financial review. After these steps have concluded, final negotiations ensue to allow the transaction to close on a designated date and transfer ownership seamlessly.

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