Choosing an Intermediary

Choosing An Intermediary

Selling a company is often a difficult and emotional process. For many entrepreneurs, the company is their “baby” and the decision to let go is not any easy one. If you choose to use a business sales consultant or intermediary to facilitate the sale of your healthcare business, carefully consider the following before hiring a company to represent your interests.

  • Does the company specializes in the healthcare field? A local business broker who doesn’t focus on your specific industry niche might be out of their area of expertise.
  • What is the company’s process for marketing your company? Make sure you get a clear understanding of their plan and are comfortable with it. Will they be updating you on a regular basis? If so, how often?
  • Do they charge up-front fees? What are those fees used for? Mertz Taggart does not charge any fees until a transaction is successfully closed.
  • Are you being pressured to make a quick decision? If so, why? You’ve worked hard to build your company.  Selling it may be the largest financial decision of your lifetime.  Don’t hire someone until you’re comfortable with them and their company.
  • If you are not satisfied with the intermediary can you cancel the contract? Our contract can be canceled with 60 days written notice.
  • How many engagements does the company have right now? How many sales do they average per year? Merely having a large number of listings doesn’t translate into a successful sale of YOUR business. Will this company dedicate the resources needed to close the sale of your company?
  • Is the company representative making promises that sound realistic? Will you be comfortable working with this person for 6-12 months?
  • Is the company going to actively market your company by making direct calls, or take a more passive approach via web listings and direct mailings?
  • Is the firm a member of any professional associations like the M&A Source?

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