The principals of Mertz Taggart have successfully completed over 100 healthcare business transactions since 2006.


About Mertz Taggart

Mertz Taggart is an industry-leading mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in home health, home care, hospice, and behavioral health. This focus yields invaluable insight into the challenges and opportunities operators face. The depth of our industry knowledge is garnered by our relationships with industry leaders, knowledge of buyers’ acquisition strategies, and our hands-on experience owning and operating a healthcare company. Our competitive advantages translate to maximizing value for our clients, as proven by over 100 successfully completed healthcare transactions since 2006.

Our Services

Mertz Taggart has experience owning and operating a healthcare company, which we believe gives us a unique perspective when representing our clients. We will help you define a practical business sale plan, with the ultimate goal of maximizing your exit value, by positioning your company correctly, creating professional materials, and most importantly, creating a confidential competitive process. Selling a healthcare business is a significant endeavor. It is often the biggest financial event in your life and its implications can impact retirement, future business ventures and your personal net worth. Most business owners do not have the time, experience or resources to professionally and confidentially market their business. Selling at the wrong time, to the wrong buyer or without the right information can substantially lower the value of your business. Our goal is to maximize your company’s value by weighing all factors impacting the sale, creating competition among the most qualified buyers, and driving the process from start to finish.

Our core values are the guiding principles by which our team works everyday.

Mertz Taggart Core Values

  • Trustworthy
  • Accountable
  • Client-Centered
  • Growth-Oriented

Our Team


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