Looking to diversify its portfolio of addiction treatment modalities, BayMark Health Services this week announced that it has acquired St. Louis-based SpecialCare Hospital Management.

SpecialCare provides specialized inpatient stabilization and withdrawal management services at 46 acute care hospitals in 13 states. BayMark offers medication-assisted treatment programs that incorporate counseling as part of individualized treatment plans, as well as outpatient withdrawal management services with naltrexone therapy and residential treatment in select locations.

SpecialCare will retain its name and much of its staff. With the addition of SpecialCare, BayMark now manages or operates 209 total programs across 32 states and Ontario, Canada.

BayMark has been approached by a number of hospital emergency rooms in the past, requesting help facilitating the transition of patients who have overdosed into treatment, CEO David K. White, PhD, told Behavioral Healthcare Executive in an email.

“As we talked with hospitals, we learned that mental health and addiction treatment are not often viewed as a core competency of acute care hospitals and they welcomed the help and support we could provide,” White said. “Many were willing to provide a single dose of medication knowing they could refer the patient to us for outpatient medication-assisted treatment the very next day.”

BayMark leaders saw a potential deal with SpecialCare as an opportunity to continue working with acute care hospitals, with the primary goal of “[helping] these hospitals develop protocols for stabilizing patients with proper withdrawal management services, as well as [providing] education to the staff on addiction and help patients to move to the next appropriate level of treatment on discharge from the hospital,” White said.

This article originally appeared in an article on BehavioralHealthcareExecutive.