Salt Lake City, Utah (January 21st, 2020) – Bristol Hospice, a portfolio Company of Webster Capital, is
pleased to announce its partnership with New Dawn Hospice operations and their patient care services
team in the Dallas Texas area.

Bristol Hospice CEO, Hyrum Kirton, remarked that, “New Dawn Hospice has a reputation for delivering
exceptional patient care in the Dallas area. We are excited to assist the team in their next phase of
growth. Our combined team is comprised of talented and compassionate professionals who are
committed to maintaining the highest clinical standards while continuing to expand Bristol Services
across new and existing communities. Our goal with this addition will be to create positive synergies
with staffing coverage as well as considerable expansion to the service areas.”

Deborah Jones, Co-Owner of New Dawn commented, “We have worked to provide an excellent patient
experience for those we have been honored to serve. We are thankful to become a part of a company
that shares our desire to provide the utmost quality care for our patients; a partner in caring among
the compassionate and qualified people at Bristol Hospice.”

Bristol Hospice has a long history of providing exceptional hospice care to the people of Texas. They
began serving patients in Houston, Texas in December of 2012. They then purchased a small hospice
“Lighted Pathways” in Waxahachie, Texas in October of 2013. Most recently they acquired “New Hope”
in Bedford, Texas in April of 2019. Both locations have grown significantly as they cover large
geographic areas and have cared for thousands of patients and families dealing with life limiting illness.
New Dawn Hospice Care operations will merge with the Bristol Hospice Location in Waxahachie Texas.

This article originally appeared in an article in Bristolhosipce.