CORAL GABLES, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MBF Healthcare Partners (“MBF”) and Vicki Kroviak are pleased to announce the formation of Acorn Health as well as the completion of two acquisitions that will serve as a new national platform for providing high quality home and center based Applied Behavioral Analysis (“ABA”) services to children and adolescents diagnosed with autism. With these acquisitions, Acorn Health will have operations in Michigan, Florida, and Virginia, and expects to continue to partner with high-quality provider groups in existing and new markets.

MBF Healthcare Partners and Behavioral Executive form Acorn Health to provide high quality care to children diagnosed with autism

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MBF has partnered with Vicki Kroviak, an innovator with a proven record in behavioral health, who co-founded and served as the CEO of Oliver-Pyatt Centers, a leading provider of eating disorder treatment, and most recently served as CEO of Monte Nido & Affiliates, a residential eating disorder treatment company. “We are excited to be bringing these companies into the Acorn family,” said Vicki. “Our new national presence allows us to bring ABA services to thousands of families in need. We’ve sought out and teamed up with clinical leaders in the industry. It is with their partnership, as well as the hundreds of clinicians currently employed, that we intend to build a best-in-class clinical delivery network.”

Preston Brice, Managing Director of MBF, said that, “As thesis driven investors, we have devoted significant resources to identifying the right groups and leadership to partner with in the autism sector. We are excited to partner with Vicki and the cohort of mission-driven clinicians to drive rapid growth and evidence-based outcomes. With these two companies, Acorn Health is a new platform that is well positioned to address the growing prevalence of autism.”

This article originally appeared in an article on BusinessWire.