Trauma and Clinical Care Services Join All Points North Lodge Edwards, CO

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., June, 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Florida-based trauma center, Next Chapter (NC) Treatment Centerhas announced its June merger with All Points North (APN) Lodge, the country’s newest comprehensive health and wellness center, with a special focus on substance abuse and addiction. Beginning October 2019, NC’s clinical care services will relocate to the APN Lodge campus in Edwards, CO as a part of APN Lodge’s larger continuum of care.

Abe Antine, CEO and Clinical Director of NC explains, “Our plan all along was to create a great clinical product, then thoughtfully and ethically expand when the time was right. We have found that opportunity and are excited to offer the same NC clinical care at a facility that is unmatched in the industry. We are finally able to give our clients what they have been asking for.”

Founder and Managing Principal of APN Lodge, Noah Nordheimer added, “APN Lodge is excited to be adding one of the best trauma programs in the country to its campus. This merger allows us to offer a trauma focused program led by Abe Antine in addition to our substance abuse programs that are changing so many lives.”

APN Lodge guests will receive uniquely customized behavioral health treatment to address all relevant medical, mental, and social needs. Guests may undergo detox, residential treatment, individual and family counseling, PHP, or IOP as needed. In addition to behavioral health and addiction treatment, APN Lodge will offer Concierge Health, Executive Accelerator, and Athletics program options.

The merger will also expand trauma treatment options for women, moving NC services from the all-male Florida center to the all-gender APN Lodge. Abe Antine notes, “After much anticipation, we will be able to treat women in a safe and ethical environment. We will also have better insurance reimbursements and less out of pocket costs for most.”

For an immersive wellness experience, guests at the $136 million facility will also have access to both a vast team of healthcare specialists and a wide array of amenities including 5-star suites, mountain-view pools, yoga and pilates, outdoor excursions, and more.

NC will continue admitting and treating patients at their Florida center until October 2019.

This article originally appeared in an article in PR Newswire.