ST. LOUISJuly 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Nurses & Company, Inc., a leading private and locally owned Home Health Care, Hospice Care and Private Services company serving the Greater St. Louis are for over 28 years, announced it finalized a transaction with Home Assist, LLC, a Lake St. Louis based home health provider.  The transaction will transfer most of the Home Assist Home Health staff and many data-backed chronic disease management programs to Nurses & Company’s Home Health division.  Nurses & Company expects to add additional investment into these programs to develop algorithms and best practices to further benefit patients under the care of Nurses & Company.  The company believes these programs can accelerate its home health market share in the Greater St. Louis area.

This announcement comes less than two months after Nurses & Company announced an investment earmarked for growth from Bobby Robertson, a post-acute industry veteran and private investor.  “As a result of this transaction, Nurses & Company is even better positioned to solve staffing & coverage issues for our local health systems, to provide responsive nursing & therapy care in local senior facilities and to address complex patient care needs for local physicians.  With a single call, our partners have access to home health, hospice and private services for the patients they serve.” 

“This transaction solidly establishes Nurses & Company as one of the largest and most capable locally owned home health, hospice and private services healthcare providers in the Greater St. Louis area.  We are excited about the growth and opportunity expand partner relationships,” says Angela Sipe, Executive Director of Nurses & Company.

This article originally appeared in an article in PRNewswire.