NEWPORT NEWS, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pinnacle Treatment Centers (PTC), a leader in providing accessible treatment for substance use disorders, announced today it has acquired four outpatient opioid treatment programs within the state of Virginia, including one office-based opioid treatment program (OBOT) and three opioid treatment programs (OTPs) for adult men and women.

Excited to announce the acquisition of four outpatient #opioid treatment programs in Virginia’s Tidewater region, #BetterTogether

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The three OTPs are American Addiction Treatment Center (AATC), located at 883 C Mid County Center in Hayes; 12695 McManus Boulevard in Newport News; and 5583-B Mooretown Road, Office #1 in Williamsburg. The OBOT is Addiction Medicine Specialists Inc. and is also located at 12695 McManus Boulevard in Newport News. All four programs are planning to accept Medicaid in the near future.

Pinnacle is one of a select few treatment facilities to provide underserved communities with affordable substance abuse treatment and the option of outpatient care. This model of care empowers patients to take control of their treatment as it affords them the opportunity to maintain employment, school obligations and family commitments while getting the treatment necessary to address their recovery.

According to the Virginia Department of Health Chief Medical Examiners report, approximately 1,100 Virginians are killed each year by fatal heroin or fentanyl use.

Drug overdose — primarily caused by opioid use — remains the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia since 2012. Preventable drug overdoses in Virginia continue to outpace gun-related violence and motor vehicle accidents since 2012.

“Given the opioid epidemic in Richmond and throughout the state of Virginia, there is a drastic need for treatment, and our company is committed to bringing affordable care directly into the community to help solve this crisis,” said Joseph Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers. Pritchard, who made his personal journey through recovery and is now dedicated to helping others, recognizes the need for outpatient programs that are designed to offer support in managing stress and provide patients with relapse prevention strategies, while connecting them with community support.

Areas that have been hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic include Richmond and parts of Southwest Virginia. In a recent Richmond Times-Dispatch article State Health Commissioner M. Norman Oliver stated, “Virginians are dealing with an addiction epidemic driven by a lack of jobs, lack of affordable housing and lack of transportation.” Pinnacle’s goal is to provide accessible treatment to these underserved communities struggling to break the cycle of addiction.

This article originally appeared in an article in Business Wire.