PITTSBURGHJune 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Sunny Days In-Home Care, a leading provider of non-medical, in-home personal care services for seniors and disabled adults, announced today its acquisition of Daly Care, a Pittsburgh-based lifestyle management and in-home care provider. With the acquisition, Sunny Days will expand its service capabilities and territory to reach a greater number of people in need.

“This acquisition enables Sunny Days to bring our in-home care expertise to an even larger demographic of people including, for the first time, those with intellectual disabilities,” said John Bennett, director of franchising for Sunny Days In-Home Care. “We’ve recognized a significant need for these services in our community and across the country, and Sunny Days is incredibly passionate about providing them.”

In addition to expanding caregiver services, the acquisition introduces access to a new travel training program that teaches intellectually disabled clients basic life skills in public transportation, money management and scheduling practices. The Daly Care acquisition also allows Sunny Days In-Home Care to expand its staffing capabilities to additional medical and non-medical facilities.

Through the merger, Sunny Days In-Home Care and Daly Care will be better positioned to serve the Western Pennsylvania market. With an experienced development team that has nurtured and grown multiple locations, Sunny Days In-Home Care continues its commitment to providing in-home care services to seniors and others in need across the country.

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